Intro: As you will see in my cheat sheets, I count when two future lovers cross paths into two separate categories: Meeting and Attention. The Meeting is when at least one notices the other, either in passing and they are brought together by outside forces later, or so much that he or she wants to pursue meeting the other officially. The Attention is when they both notice each other at the same time and at least one is intrigued by the other and might want to see where things may lead. Sometimes, the Meeting and the Attention occur at the same time, but the two are not mutually inclusive.

Top 5 Cliché-busting First Romantic Attentions

  1. He or she comes on with an insult or a criticism/correction instead of a compliment or word of encouragement.
  2. He or she asks or demands to receive something as opposed to offering or forcing a gift upon the potential love interest.
  3. He or she comes between what appears to be a lover hand-in-hand with him/her.
  4. He or she uses a friend or foe to help approach him/her instead of going at it alone.
  5. He or she finds a way to bring her/him to her/him instead of stepping out of his/her way to approach him/her.

  1. They could be competitors or teacher and student in a sport or other type of competition.
  2. In Titanic, Jack asks Rose to let him off the hook by not jumping off the ship.
  3. The viewer could totally misread the situation; maybe the woman he’s walking with is his aunt; maybe they’re engaged to be married, but she already has plans to break up with him.
  4. It never hurts to drag in a third party if you want to up the tension. Maybe she’s cashing in a favor with her friend, maybe he’s blackmailing his, maybe she is afraid that he will find her friend more attractive than she, but is just to terribly shy to do it without her help.
  5. In Into the Woods, Cinderella’s Prince smears pitch all over the stairs to bring her to him.


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