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When it Comes to Pacing, Which Do You Like to Read/Write: Can’t Put it Down OR Want to Catch My Breath?


I noticed that my favorite fantasy author begins and ends every chapter of one of her series with something exciting. I used this exact tactic while outlining one of my own book series.


Imagine my surprise when I shared this observation with an online writing community and was told by many members that it “…shows a complete lack of knowledge on the subject.”


But this did not discourage me from using this tactic. I would rather risk having possible a little too much action than risk things being too static for too long.


Award-winning fantasy author Clare Dunkle, whom I’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting, told me that one of her favorite reviews ever went as such: “I hated it, but I couldn’t put it down.”

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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