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Silver Sidewalks – Book #2 of the Lotus Series by Kiera-Lynn Hart

A recent immigrant to the Land of Opportunity, Lotus is a young Chinese native, trying to hold her own in her new occupation as a high-end courtesan, keep bread on the table, and continue to do right by her younger sister, Jade.

However, things become increasingly confusing when she not only develops romantic feelings for her co-worker, the beautiful Persian beauty Desert Rose, but also meets a young American man named Matthew who is not only enamored with her, but can offer her the life of freedom and security that she craves for little Jade.

Now facing dangers of the more physical variety, such as catfights, bar brawls, and a serial murderer on the loose within close proximity of their workplace, Lotus’sspirit guide, Huli Jing, offers her help to try and navigate the trials and tribulations of the strange and perpetually evolving laws, technology, and feelings that she constantly has to deal with. But, it is ultimately up to Lotus to decide when to follow her mind, and when to follow her heart. 

Find the chapters, updated twice weekly on Wattpad, under my screen name, BlueRose280, beginning 10/1/2019.

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