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Bonus reading material

Deleted scenes, novellas, character interviews and more.

Bonus learning material

Lists (including more Top 5 ones), cheat sheets, case studies, and my personal recommended reading and exercises on the craft.

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Early cover reveals, digital advanced reader copies (signed by me), reports on my current project’s progress.

I want you

You can even join my prolific reader team and receive free books from me for life; all you have to do in return is write and post reviews for them!


I so far have over 100 top 5 writing tip lists to share with you. I’ll post a new one every week, as well as articles and editorials about the tried-and-true world of writing and the ever-changing market through which it is sold. All of it will be based on personal experience and observation.


I’ll let you know how my independent author journey unfolds, in case you’re interested in taking a similar path. If you’re an avid book lover, I’ll let you know how to show your support to the indie community, as well as traditionally published authors whose work and work ethics I admire.

Have Fun

Nothing delights me more than hearing about your own love of reading and/or writing. Even if it’s just a single sentence or question, let me know what I’ve done right in your eyes, and what I can do for you that I haven’t yet. You might even get a shout-out by name in the next issue!

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