Stamina List #1

Getting into the Groove

Intro: We all have our strengths, and our weaknesses which we would like to transform into strengths. When it comes to being prepared and equipped, writing is no less of an endeavor. However, believe it or not, some things that may seem second nature or commonplace to you could actually play a huge factor in your writing journey. And, even if you do not, there are solid ways in which to obtain them.

Top 5 Advantages You May Already Have in Your Arsenal

  1. Time.
  2. Firm grasp of the literal language in which you are writing.
  3. Support.
  4. Tech-savviness.
  5. Unlimited project ideas.
  1. I’ve found that the best way I make time for writing is by doing it at the same time every day and, the night before, setting a specific goal for the following day.
  1. This particular point varies dramatically. I never send out so much as a one-paragraph email without proofreading it first. But, I know that there are some people who would send out an email of the same length after proofreading it, yet miss two typos. You don’t need a degree in English to write and/or edit your writing, but I advise you to use all the resources you deem necessary for your personal grammatical situation.
  1. There are online writing communities, like Scribophile and Writer’s Café, in which you can share your work with and communicate with writers from around the world. Go to your local library or community center and see if they have a writer’s club. If they don’t, start one yourself!
  1. Most tech conundrums are a Google search away. You can ask your children or nieces and nephews for help as well, or take a class at your community center.
  1. I discuss this topic further in the Basics section of the site.


Note: I am fortunate enough to have all of the following aspects in the list above working for me. I set up a specific time to write on a regular basis, I’m young enough to know my way around technology that allows me to produce and sell my stories, I have the emotional support of my family and friends, I have many ideas for many more books and am not afraid of coming up with new ones when the previous ones are used, and I’m so well-versed in English that I don’t need to hire an editor.

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