Miscellaneous List #1

Spy High

Intro: The spy genre is very popular. It is amazing how these characters are paragons of integrity, justice, and all that is good in the world. They are trained rigorously and ruthlessly to withstand great physical endurance, tasks that require mental agility and logic, don convincing disguises, speak proficiently in several different languages, and even endure literal torture. However, the genre would not exist at all if these amazing men and women did not from time to time make mistakes that cost them dearly.

Top 5 Spy Mistakes

  1. Falling in love.
  2. Entrusting somebody with a secret (a woman, especially).
  3. Not checking one’s cocktail for poison before drinking it.
  4. Not ensuring the safety of those whom he or she seduces, whether it was for information of just fun.
  5. Owing somebody a favor.
  1. Entrusting your heart to someone it the gateway to entrusting them with the secrets hidden in your mind, and caring for another’s well-being does nothing but put your own body, and therefore your life, on the line.
  2. Do not leave a paper trail; commit it to memory.
  3. If you do detect poison, play it cool. The potted plant in the corner won’t mind.
  4. Even if the spy is heartless enough not to care that the boy- or girl-toy is dead, it is still a huge calling card that will inevitably draw attention to them.
  5. You never know when they will demand it from or guilt-trip it from you, or its cost.

Note: All of these were mistakes that James Bond made in Casino Royale. But, to be fair, although it was the twenty-first film in the series, it was meant to be his first mission. Strong characters aren’t the ones who don’t make mistakes; they are the ones who learn from their mistakes.

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